Food course raises hopes

FIFTY food and nutrition professionals are attending a special programme facilitated by trainers from the China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries Corporation Ltd.

The two week long food and hospitality management training was launched here over the weekend by the Minister for State, President’s Office and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Mr Issa Haji Ussi ‘Gavu’, who thanked the Chinese government for extending the programme to the Isles.

Mr Gavu underscored the importance of the programme, urging participants to make good use of the training, the second of its kind to be conducted in Zanzibar and improve service delivery in their areas of work.

“I am absolutely certain that each one of you values this useful opportunity which comes from the efforts of the President of Zanzibar, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, whose main aim is to see that the civil servants are relevantly capacitated to deliver skillfully at their work places,” he told the participants.

The minister said this year’s programme had attracted 50 participants who come from various institutions of the revolutionary government of Zanzibar.

The State House and State Lodges in Unguja, Pemba, Dar es Salaam and Dodoma are also included.

Others come from the office of the second vice president, airport authority, Institute of Tourism and Hotel Verde. Last year’s programme attracted 30 participants.

Mr Gavu said the integration of participants signified multiple and variable ideas, knowledge and experience being gathered together.

“It’s my sincere hope that each one of you will make appropriate use of the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained through your work places to tap adequate and high level of expertise from this training. This will facilitate excellent performance in your daily services at your work places,” he stated.

He acknowledged the fact that the programme was being conducted in Zanzibar.

“This training is conducted in an environment that is familiar to participants and it becomes much easier for them to understand many theoretical concepts and be able to translate them into their practical perspectives.

This advantage would not be there, if this course was conducted outside Zanzibar,” he remarked.

He thanked Ms Luo Yanqin and the entire management of the China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries Corporation Ltd for their willingness to conduct the training for the second time.

Author: Abdallah Msuya

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