Faru Fausta is recuperating well, MPs assured

THE government has assured the public that a rare white Rhino imported from South Africa some years ago popularly known as ‘Faru Fausta’ is now recovering from injuries it sustained on April 09, 2016.

The Rhino, 53 years old, believed to be oldest in the world is preserved in a cage, where it is getting special medical attention with ‘security beefed up’ in the area.

The revelation was made to the Parliamentarians at the National Assembly in Dodoma, yesterday, by the Natural Resources and Tourism Deputy Minister, Japhet Hasunga, further saying: “As a result of its urgent treatment to rescue its life, the government is spending 1.4m/- per month on it.”

However, he hinted that the cost of preserving it has now gone down to 285,000/- per month, because its health is significantly improving.

That was in response to a question fielded to his ministry by Special Seats lawmaker, Suzana Mgonokulima who wanted to know the government’s statement on why it was still incurring huge costs and spending millions of shillings on the animal that is now too old, at the expense of elderly men and women in the country, who deserve the health care instead of the Rhino.

“What is the priority for the government between Faru Fausta and helpless old person who dedicated his/her contribution to the national development?” queried the opposition MP.

In the rejoinder, Mr Hasunga said both human beings and the animals have equal rights, pointing out that despite the uniqueness being that it was an animal and the money it was generating from tourists visiting Ngorongoro National Park, the government was still duty bound to ensure that its life is guaranteed. 

Reacting on the health care services to senior citizens in the country, the Deputy Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Dr Faustine Ndugulile said Tanzania Health Policy, 2007 was clear in ensuring that old persons access quality health services.

“All people aged 60 years and above receive free health care and have special Identity Cards (IDs) when they visit Health Centres and they are highly prioritised,” he stressed.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters

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