More plastics than fish expected in water bodies by 2050, NGO warns

Studies show that that there will be more plastic wastes than fish in water bodies including oceans and lakes by 2050 due to waste mismanagement.

However, a coordinator for ‘Let’s Do It’ campaign, Novunaeli Kaniki has argued Tanzanians to join the World Cleaneup Day to clean environment as a way of safeguarding environment for future generations.

The coordinator has also advised Tanzanians to change habit and volunteer in cleaning environment regularly. Kaniki said the ‘Let’s do it’ campaign aims at changing human behavior toward cleaning wastes specifically plastic rubbishes that affect environment.

Nipe Fagio, a nongovernmental organization that is spearheading the campaign has organized mass cleanup to 14 different regions countrywide during World Cleanup Day that will be commemorated 15th September.

“Researches show that by 2050, there will be more plastic wastes in lakes and ocean than fish that will greatly affect our environment,” said Fortnatusi EkKlesiah, a volunteer for the ‘Let’s Do It’ campaign.

He advised that Tanzanians should join President John Magufuli’s efforts of cleaning the environment Citing December 9, 2015 when President John Magufuli participated in cleaning environment, the volunteer advised Tanzanians to borrow the leaf from their leader to care their surroundings.

Author: James Kamala

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