Politics and the people born to do it

HAVE always been amazed by people who can stand in public and tell lies. And not just little lies about being happy to be there or liking the hosts, but major lies that would ruin reputations.

In 2013, during President Nelson Mandela’s memorial views around the world were baffled and shocked by a ‘fake’ sign language interpreter on stage whose gestures were meaningless.

The interpreter, if at all he can be called that, was watched by millions as he stood beside speakers at the event including President Barack Obama and other respected world leaders.

The man stood in front of the world and was the world mourned this great man, he told lies. Blatant, undeniable lies.

A year later, the man, Thamsanqa Jantjie, emerged from the death of his hole of imagination attempting to change his career opting to enter acting.

He was, however, struggling to get work with all the negative publicity surrounding his appearance at Mandela’s memorial service. Go figure.

He was quoted as saying, “You can just imagine how difficult it is because interpreting was my future, it was my job. I have to settle for another career ...

It’s difficult, but men have to do what men have to do. I’m doing adverts and acting. I have to work hard for my kids. I’m not interpreting at all. The Deaf South Africa have stopped me.”

First, he got me at doing things for his children but then lost me out at sea when he said he hasn’t been ‘interpreting’ at all because the country and especially, the Deaf Community, have stopped him.

He isn’t remorseful for the fact that he offended millions of people around the world by telling lies. Nope. In 2017 a woman identified as Derlyn Roberts stood beside police at a press conference also allegedly doing sign.

Apparently she had volunteered to ‘help’ Tampa Police debrief the public about a serial killer who had been caught.

She stood there flapping and twisting her arms back and forth with a straight face while the police Chief delivered sombre news about a man who had killed.

Derlyn Roberts showed up at Tampa Police on that night, but as Chief Dugan spoke about the capture of a serial killer suspect, those in the deaf community could tell the interpreter wasn’t making any sense.

If anything, at one point she signed the word ‘Christmas’ but that was about it.

After all is said and done, I’m thinking that these fake interpreters have a life call that they haven’t identified yet. It could be that these fake interpreters haven’t found that their true calling is in politics.

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...A manifestation of limited understanding ...

Author: Amby Lusekelo

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