Thigite River saga revival commendable

JUSTICE will finally be served for Thigite River victims after President John Magufuli ordered fresh investigations into the alleged contamination of the water body , saying that the first report used to clear the matter was doctored.

The President made the order while speaking to residents of Nyamongo Village which houses the North Mara Gold Mine, accused of contaminating the river with chemicals.

He told the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) to embark on the task as soon as possible.

The move by President Magufuli came as a relief for many victims while at the same time, vindicates the noise that was made by some non-governmental organisations that went on to produce counter reports, while at the same time crying foul that justice had not been served.

President Magufuli said that when the saga occurred, he was the responsible minister, but could do nothing as his hands were tied.

He also said that as a chemical engineer, he knows what happened and if they (NEMC officials) repeat the same tricks, then they are gone.

It is open secret that different media platforms were during those days awash with pictures of people purported to be the affected residents, whose limbs such as hands, legs and so on were badly damaged due to the said contamination.

Going by the said images, then the order by President Magufuli comes as a relief to the victims as justice will finally be served.

It is time for those who will be selected to conduct the investigation to do a thorough job so that there is no manipulation of facts for the benefit of few people.

The investigators should do their job diligently and avoid anything or move that is aimed at alter the truth.

On the other hand, ‘wananchi’ in the area should give the team full cooperation.

They are supposed to make their job easier by telling the truth and providing the necessary proof, not for them to overstate facts and mislead the team.

All in all, everyone should play his or her part for this exercise to bring the desired results.

Author: EDITOR

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