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Acutely furious JPM spits fire

PRESIDENT John Magufuli once again assumed the role of a lecturer yesterday by reminding ministers, including the newly sworn in top government officials, on what they are required of them in the course of discharging their duties.

It was after the Head of State had sworn in the newly appointed ministers and other top officials when he took to the podium to speak on what prompted him to shake up his Cabinet line-up on Sunday.

Poor performance at the Ministry of Home Affairs featured prominently in his speech, a factor that forced him to sack former Minister Mwigulu Nchemba, replacing him with former Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office( Union and Environment) Kangi Lugola.

Among the shortfalls in the Ministry of Home Affairs that the president commented on included the controversial 37bn/- Lugumi contract which the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) said in his report that the work was not done, despite the payment of the billions of shillings.

The contract involved a deal between a private company, Lugumi Enterprises, and the police force for the installation of 108 forensic machines in some police stations in the country.

Later, the Speaker of the National Assembly formed a sub-committee of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to dig deeper into the contract but despite its findings, the culprits were not sanctioned.

Another rot that irked the President was the purchasing of 777 police cars through a shoddy contract.

According to the President, some of the cars were declared to be new while in reality, they had covered over 400 kilometres each.

Other problems at the ministry included a multimillion shilling contract for the purchasing of police uniforms that were never delivered, failure to strategise on how to deal with the acute shortage of fire engines for the Fire and Rescue Force, and recurrence road accidents.

Others were an influx of illegal immigrants, haphazard issuance of work permits and misuse of funds meant for the issuing of national Identity cards( IDs) by the National Identification Authority ( NIDA).

The President was visibly irked by lack of scrutiny in the registration of Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) , saying some were operating against the country’s ethics and traditions.

He expressed dismay over the ineptness of Regional Police Commanders (RPCs) and Regional Traffic Officers (RTOs), to which he attributed tragic accidents in their areas of jurisdiction, citing Mbeya Region, where the about 40 people lost their lives.

Dr Magufuli challenged the new ministerial leadership under Mr Lugola to devise ways to ensure that prisoners were involved in production activities instead of keeping them idle.

“In other countries, prisoners are involved in productive activities. The law should also be reviewed, so that prisoners on death row can be deployed productively.

The President also sounded a strong warning to the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) for failure to issue permits to investors on time without justifiable reasons.

Turning to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the President ordered the new Minister, Prof Makame Mnyaa Mbarawa, to speed up the implementation of water projects so as to ease the plight facing Tanzanians.

According to the President, India had offered financial support amounting to 1.2trl/- which, he said, must be judiciously spent in the implementation of water projects.

Similarly, the new Minister for Works, Transport and Communications , Engineer Isack Kamwelwe, was tasked to ensure that all infrastructure projects were effectively and timely implemented.

With special emphasis, the President ordered the new ministerial leadership to ensure that the revived Air Tanzania Corporation Limited (ATCL) and Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation performed better.

NKASI District Commissioner (DC) in Rukwa Region Said Mtanda ...


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