Witchdoctors must be stopped in their tracks

IT has come to light that Chemba District Commissioner Simon Odunga has stopped, and indeed, outlawed the nefarious underworld activities of witchdoctors in his locality.

The DC is bitter that it is these diabolical activities that fuel attacks on people with albinism. Speaking in the run up to the International Albinism Awareness Day in Chemba, Mr Odunga said that witchdoctors were the principal suspects behind the killings of albinos.

It is widely known that witchdoctors instruct fortune seekers to chop off albino body parts for use during superstitious rituals. People with albinism face multiple forms of discrimination worldwide.

Albinism is still profoundly misunderstood, socially and medically. The physical appearance of persons with albinism is often the object of erroneous beliefs and myths influenced by superstition.

In Tanzania, the annual event will be held in Simiyu Region at national level. The Chemba DC’s warning calls to mind the atrocities perpetrated by witchdoctors and fortune seekers on people living with albinism in yesteryears.

At the moment, the killers appear to have laid down their knives and gone into hiding. Nevertheless, the hunt for them is still on.

So, it is widely known that albino killers are mostly greedy fortune seekers. It is unthinkable that these imbeciles should stalk unsuspecting people with albinism, pounce on them, hack off their body parts and run away with them.

This is, indeed, disgusting. The killings of albinos do not only affect the victims and their relatives. They also affect the entire nation as well and humanity in general.

The barbaric killings, which occurred almost with impunity a few years ago, put this nation to great shame and utter disrepute, to say the least. So, the killings did not go unnoticed globally.

Most villains were superstitious wealth seekers who were acting on advice from witchdoctors, oracles, herbalists, palmists, healers and witches, all of whom were, actually, cruel cheats.

They hoodwinked unwitting fortune seekers into killing albinos. This was, indeed, cruel deceit! The DC for Chemba is aware of the escapades of the fortune seekers and the witchdoctors, hence, the stern warning this time round. In most cases the felons chopped off their victims’ body parts, which included legs, hands fingers, breasts and genitalia and presented these items to the witchdoctors for black magic spells. In some cases the killers carted away their victims’ heads or blood.

A frightening scenario, indeed! While we do not intend to prejudice courts of law in their handling of these baffling criminal cases, we have a duty to point out that those proven guilty should be punished severely, for, it is greed for wealth that drives the felons to kill. The psychopaths commit the crimes in callous wickedness.

They kill in cold blood after subjecting their victims to agony. Certainly, this can only happen in a rabid world where hoodlums have no qualms about killing other people -- albinos in this case.

Author: EDITOR

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