TCAA boss appointed Africa aviation chairperson

DIRECTOR General of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), Mr Hamza Johari has been confirmed as Chairman of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) - Africa Region for a period of three years.

The confirmation of Mr Johari comes after he was appointed to that position in March, this year, at a meeting of the organisation held in Madrid, Spain.

CANSO is the global organisation responsible for Air Traffic Management and it came to the decision to confirm Mr Johari during its 22nd Annual General Meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 12. As the CANSO Chairman for Africa, he automatically becomes a member of the CANSO Executive Committee (EXCOM), the governing organ of the international organisation.

Mr Teri Bristol, Chief Operating Officer of the United States Federal Aviation Administration continues to be the CANSO global Chairperson.

The Vice-Chairman is Rudy Keller from Canada. Other members are Martin Rolfe -England, Klaus Dieter Scheurle - Germany, Mark Cooper- England and Augustin Rodrigues Grellet – Agentina.

The list also includes Jan Klas - Czech Republic, Don Thoma - USA, Dr Saleh Al Ghamdi - Saudi Arabia, Kevin Shum - Singapore and Captain Gilbert Kibe - Kenya.

The executive committee meets four times a year to spearhead the strategic direction of air traffic management and other policy issues to ensure safe and efficient global air transport.

The management of CANSO is headed by its Director General, Mr Jeff Poole, who works with other staff of the Secretariat to ensure EXCOM directives and strategies are implemented. CANSO has five regions namely: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean in addition to the Middle East.

It has offices in Johannesburg, Singapore, Brussels, Mexico City and Amman. Each region has a CANSO Region Director. In addition, the CANSO Director ICAO Affairs is based in Montreal.

The Africa Region was established in 2012. Its vision is to achieve safe, seamless and harmonised airspace across the continent.

Its goal in Africa is to help air navigation service providers (ANSPs) provide services that are universally safe; technically interoperable; procedurally harmonised; efficient; and affordable.

“Africa poses many challenges for air traffic management (ATM) industry and there is wide variation among CANSO Members with regard to levels of traffic density; traffic complexity; and ATM infrastructure,” the organisation notes on its website.

CANSO helps its members by providing a platform of collaboration across Africa and by sharing information, best practice and standards of excellence.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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