Road carnages, deaths significantly drop – Police

ROAD accidents claimed 2,533 lives last year, a figure that shows that the number of deaths slightly decreased compared to those recorded by the Traffic Department, the previous year.

According to the Head of Traffic Police Department, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) Fortunatus Musilim, the number of road accidents recorded in 2016 was 9,856 from which 3,256 deaths occurred, injuring 8, 958 people. SACP Musilim said, last year, police recorded a total of 5,310 accidents that killed 2,533 people and injured 5,255 others, a decrease of 22 per cent.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam recently, the Traffic Police Commander said such a slight decrease was attributed to road safety campaigns carried by multiple stakeholders, including Serengeti Breweries Limited that has been sensitizing the public to desist from driving after drinking -

‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ He noted that the role played by SBL in public education programmes geared towards reduction of road accidents, supported the police’s efforts on the dangers of drink-driving.

“If we compare the figures in 2017 and 2016, there was an evident reduction of 4,546 accidents which is equal to 46 per cent.

Also, there was a reduction of deaths by 723 which is equal to 22 per cent while injuries were reduced by 3,703, equaling to 41 per cent,” said Musilim.

SAPC Musilim has commended the instrumental role played by SBL and other stakeholders who have been working with police in addressing the problem of road accidents in the country.

“Drinking and driving is one of the main factors that cause accidents. We have been collaborating with SBL and other stakeholders to educate the public against excessive alcohol consumption, in order to minimize un-called-for deaths and if possible eradicate deaths on our roads altogether,” Musilim stressed out.

Commenting on the campaign, SBL Director for Corporate Relations, John Wanyancha said the beer-maker’s ‘Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign’ seeks to promote road safety, ensuring that road users including motorists, pedestrians, bodaboda riders and the public in general remain safe as they use the roads and highways across the country.

He said that the campaign recognises that drink-driving is a complex problem that requires collaboration from all parties involved in the war against irresponsible alcohol consumption.

“SBL is committed to joining hands with the government and individuals, organisations and stakeholders in ensuring that the community, especially the drivers who are mostly prone to drink-induced accidents are sensitized on the dangers of irresponsible drinking and urged to practice safe and responsible drinking and driving”, Wanyancha added.


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