Dodoma City’s status lobby in final stage-Jaffo

THE government is on the final touches to table a bill in Parliament that would site Dodoma as the designated capital and City of Tanzania, the Minister of State in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Mr Selemani Jafo said in the National Assembly yesterday.

He made the revelation while debating the Parliament Declaration, which was read in Parliament by Mr George Simbachawene to congratulate President John Magufuli for his commitment to upgrade Dodoma into the City status and effect the action by asking mass government officers movement to it.

Mr Jafo told the legislators that they should be proud of President Magufuli’s decision, saying the bill will be tabled soon.

However, he said, the government is working out on the best infrastructures and other social services that warrant the city into the status. He said this financial year, the government will spend 35bn/- for its state of art.

Additionally, he informed the Parliament that extra 21,000 plots are being surveyed at Ihumwa area, so that whoever would be allocated ‘the tender’ will be capable to construct houses in the city.

“Let me assure you, Dodoma will be a role model city in terms of town planning and facilities available, let us be proud of the President’s decision” he assured the Parliamentarians.

On her part, Ms Jenista Mhagama, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour and Employment, Youth and Disabled said the government decision was on the right track.

She said out of the 7,440 employees who are supposed to be relocated to Dodoma, only 909 are yet to arrive, but the rest are already in the city.

“The government sets conducive environment for the transition and you can all see despite the increased number of public servants that the infrastructures are in good shape and we are being guided by the mode of operation set,” she said.

She added:“We are executing various projects which involve construction of public offices…plots are being surveyed and other infrastructures are being upgraded so that they meet the capital and city standards.”

Equally, the opposition MPs namely Zuberi Kuchauka, Saed Kubenea, Ceril Mwambe, Anthony Komu and Abdallah Mtolea pressed for enough financial resource allocations for the needed infrastructures to be set up.

The declaration commended the President’s decision saying it has been a development catalyst for the locals, especially in the areas of construction of residential houses and other social services facilities.

However, they called for immediate tabling of the bill to officially give the government blessings and move to Dodoma for the relocation to be recorded in legal terms.

“We call for fast tracking of the bill, if possible it should come for the first reading during this budget session,” said Mr Simbachawene.

They also appealed for increased resources’ allocation so that its infrastructures match with that of the city and the designated capital.

Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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