Viettel, NMB partner in e-money facilitation

VIETTEL E-commerce Limited has partnered with NMB Bank for e-money facilitation to Halopesa agents run their businesses smoothly. The Halopesa Deputy Managing Director, Vu Tuan Long, said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the partnership seeks to help Halo Pesa agents overcome the float and cash challenge.

“The introduction of this service will enable more than 55,000 registered Halo Pesa Agents have an access to e-money/ floats and also cash in more than 220 branches in the country with a 98 per cent presence in all the districts,” Said Long.

As one of the financial entity with wide branch networks, NMB Bank will ease the process of converting floats into cash and cash into float through an advanced system integration which uses reference numbers to identify the Halo Pesa agent.

“Mobile money agents play a vital role in contributing to the country’s economy, it is, therefore, essential to create an environment that works in their favour and help them meet the market demand and through that, we are contributing to accelerating financial inclusion in the country,” he said, adding that Halo Pesa agents can now go to any NMB branch and access their floats and also convert floats to cash.

He said the partnership clearly demonstrates the revolutionary role that banks and mobile communications companies can play in improving the living conditions of the communities while at the same time pioneering financial inclusion in the country.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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