Diaspora, force to reckon with in nation building

HAVING ascended to power as the Fifth President in the sovereign country, President John Pombe Magufuli (JPM) has ushered in new reforms with the major one being revolutionising the economy to be dominated with industries and taking head-on corrupt individuals in all sectors, what remains from all Tanzanians is to support him particularly the ones in Diaspora.

Tanzanians working, studying, and living outside the country normally addressed as people in Diaspora should embark on a mission to build the nation from abroad because the steps he has taken in the anti-corruption campaigns and greater democracy, will ensure the country’s economy grow fast enough and absorb them also once they come back home with the skills/education they would have acquired in the foreign land.

They should be willing to contribute to the development of their country noting that peace in the host countries where they are acquiring better training, education, job opportunities, and quality of life as foreigners, took the nationals also sacrifice to build.

At one time one will finally make it home and should realise that the host country was built by its citizens at one point also supporting development there including remitting money in back home in the first case.

The Diaspora possesses immense resources which can greatly contribute to the transformation of the country and part of these resources include inward formal remittances which raise the GDP of the country.

Similarly, the contribution of the Diaspora in terms of skills, expertise and transfer of knowledge is of paramount to the country, because once they return home they are likely to train the locals and share their findings and that would save the country from hiring foreign experts.

As a group of people, or a force to reckon within national building, what remains is their further network as a bloc with others worldwide, and share ideas on how to develop Tanzania that is on steady growth.

The country needs the genius of its citizens wherever they are and it is time for them to strategise on how to market their country as ambassadors wherever they are.

Equally, the country from independence has been enjoying political stability and relatively advanced infrastructure that has attracted many international organisations and businesses to base their operations here, and that is why it has played also major role as a host nation to hundreds of thousands of refugees in the Great Lakes region and beyond, so it has all the reasons for investors and its citizens in Diaspora to come and invest back home en masse.

The list may be long including its geographical location astride the equator, its temperate tropical climate, beautiful landscapes, and abundant wildlife which also attract many seasonal tourists, with some choosing to settle down here.

For instance, it is the only home of Kihance Game Park where Spray toad (amphibian) give birth (instead of laying eggs), and with over 40 million people, about 132 tribes united with one language of Kiswahili, implies an investor after learning it can easily move in the entire East African Community (EAC) where the language unites all.

Author: EDITOR

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