Let’s invest more in Sports to spur income

IN today’s globalised world, tourism is the world’s number one industry while Sports tops the leisure sector.

As opposed to Tanzania where sports is still observed in amateurish nature, in Kenya, sports tourism is far advanced to the extent that the country has made it become a major source of its income, revenues and employment to the majority Kenyans.

This in fact would be remiss not to acknowledge that Tanzania and Tanzanians need to invest more in Sports.

How investment works, the superiority of the Tanzania Mainland Premier League can tell its superiority over DAREVA Senior League, Regional Basketball League (RBA) or National Athletics Championship.

We have only two volleyball players and a few basketball stars engaged in professional stint while in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda the two sports don’t meet professional levels in the country.

With multi millions invested in The Premier League this has managed to multinational appeal coming in as players or coaches; something unseen in other sports.

Doubtlessly, the investment from Vodacom, KCB Bank, Azam and SportPesa; all contributed much to the success of the league and make football dominance unchallenged.

It’s only the Premier League that generates positive publicity for Tanzania at the moment after the collapse of athletics, boxing and netball which previously showcased the country as the sporting excellence.

We Tanzanians must change our notion that views sports as a separate activity, it is inextricably linked to employment, source of revenue and tourism.

Sports is, indeed, one of the highly paying sources of income which Tanzania should develop at any cost. Many sports have completed and faded out from limelight and no efforts are being made to revive them.

Only a handful sports survive today because they receive support and sponsorship.

We would like to remind and urge federations and associations governing sports in the country to find able people or institutions that can invest in youth sports, since the future of the sector depends on involvement of youngsters.

We have seen in swimming where sponsors have contributed much in backing its youth development programmes that enabled Tanzania to win CAN Zone III Championship.

While the country fights tooth and nail for employment of its youths, we think it is a time to involve sports as among the sources of employment.

Author: EDITOR

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