Addressing post-harvesting losses for farmers commendable

FARMING is the backbone of many African countries’ economies as the bulky of their citizens survive on it for both subsistence and commercial. Many rural dwellers survive on farming and all their economic wellbeing is hinged on it.

It is unfortunate that with climate changes rearing its ugly head, many farmers are left counting their losses. As if that is not enough, they also have to grapple with other setbacks such as occasional droughts and pests such as armyworm.

With all these negativities, they usually heave a sigh of relieve once they manage to get a bumper harvest as they will be having hope that they are cushioned from hunger and starvation.

But, in reality, their struggle will not be over as most of them lose their crops to post harvest losses. Once farmers store their harvests, hoping to use or sell them at a later period, they risk suffering losses to pest and other effects.

And, in Tanzania, the government has chipped in, with the view to help farmers from losing their crops after harvesting. In doing so, the government will this week launch the second phase of the Agriculture Development Programme (ASDP!!).

The Minister for Agriculture, Dr Charles Tizeba said in Dar es Salaam recently that the programme will be implemented for 10 years and would focus not only on growing crops but for consumption but also for commercial purposes as well.

He said that currently the sector is experiencing postharvest losses amounting to a staggering 40 per cent, which ironically hampers the economic and social developments of people while the magnitude of the problem is increasing and expanding countrywide.

So, the programme will go a long way in addressing post harvesting losses and give farmers fresh hope for food security and economic growth. The programme has come at the right time and farmers should embrace it for their lives to improve.

Everyone should play his or her party to make sure that this programme succeeds for the betterment of farmers and ordinary persons’ live

Author: Editor

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