EAC eyes swimming diadem in CANA III


SWIMMERS from Kenya are expected to land in Dar es Salaam today ahead of other three members of East African Community (EAC) confirmed to participate in CANA Zone III Championship, starting from October 19 to 21 at HOPACK School in the city.

Together with hosts Tanzania, other EAC members coming are Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan, according to Ramadhani Namkoveka, Tanzania Swimming Association(TSA) secretary general.

Other coming participants are Zambia, South Africa and Sudan Speaking further on the event, Namkoveka said Tanzania is well prepared for the big event and will field two separate teams, which he named as Tanzanite and Platinum.

He said Tanzanite will field 30 swimmers; 15 boys and 15 girls while Platinum will consist of 21 swimmers, 9 of them girls and 12 others being boys. “All the national team swim mers who are based in the country and others outside Tanzania are already in Dar es Salaam since Saturday ready for the competition,” Namkoveka said.

The TSA Secretary named the foreign-based swimmers as Smriti Gokarn, Collins Saliboko, Natalie Sanford, Marin de Villard and Sonia Tumiotto while Hilal Hilal, according to Namk oveka is expected to land in the city tomorrow from Dubai.

Girls who form Tanzanite team are Rania Karume, Chichi Zengeni, Maia Tumiotto, Smriti Gokarn, Sonia Tumiotto, Anjani Taylor, Natalie Sanford, Anna Guild, Emma Imhoff, Sanne Kleinveld, Angelica Spence and Tara Behnsen.

Others are Tami Triller, Kayla Gouws and Amani Doggart while the men team comprises of Judah Miller, Elia Imhoff, Delvin Barick, Caleb O’Sullivan, Khaleed Ladha, Matthew Guild, Chris Fitzpatrick, Marin DE Villard, Adil Bharmal, Harry McIntosh, Dhashrrad Magesvaran, Joseph Sumari, Philip Saliboko and Dennis Mhini.

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