Certificate woes hit polls aspirants


THE nationwide certificates saga has claimed victims among the aspirants as the race for Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) elections continues to rage on. This time, the certificate axe has fallen on the former Simba player and coach, Jamhuri Kihwelo and the former Young Africans defender, Bakari Malima.

The Vice-chairman of the TFF elections committee, Bakari Mchengerwa said both Kihwelu and Malima have been axed out of the race after they failed to submit their Form Four secondary examination certificates.

Both, according to Mchengerwa, were vying for a membership in the executive committee of Dar es Salaam zone. Besides kicking the duo out of the elections race, the committee has also submitted the certificates of other aspirants to the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) for verification ahead of the general polls in Dodoma on August 12th this year.

Mchengerwa further said the names of the candidates who have passed to contest in the upcoming elections will be sent to the Ministry of Education for additional verification of their certificates. “Those who have been cancelled have the right to appeal and the names which have been passed will be sent to the Ministry of Education for verification,” he said.

Moreover, he said with the current list of the aspirants, there are some names which have been retained while other names that were previously passed have been cancelled due to failure to follow order and the required procedures.

Those declared fit to contest for presidential post are Ally Mayay, Athumani Nyamlani, Frederick Mwakalebela, Imani Madega, Wellanceb Karia, Shija Richard and Emmanuel Kimbe. The federation’s vice-president post is being scrambled by Mulamu Nghambi, Michael Wambura, Mtemi Ramadhani, Robert Selasela and Stephen Mwakibolwa.

Incumbent Jamal Malinzi is among four candidates who have been axed from contesting TFF president race for allegedly his failure to attend the interview for candidates vying for various posts in the federation. According to Mchengerwa, Malinzi’s failure to appear at the interview is against the federation’s regulation of 2013 as provided for in Section 11(7).

Other candidate who was not endorsed is Fredrick Masolwa for lack of experience in accordance with Section 9 (3) of TFF election regulation of 2013. Another candidate who was not cleared was John Kijumbe for lack of experience as well while former Vice-President Athumani Nyamani pulled out of the race.

For the Vice-President post, only Geoffrey Nyange has not been cleared and in fact, he had already declared intention to pull out of the race. Nyange is Simba’s ViceChairman. Malinzi and Nyange have been detained for allegedly being involved in money laundering and fraud.

The election process resumed after it came to an abrupt stop last Sunday after the election committee suspended it until further notice. The move was announced by the Committee’s Chairman, Revocatus Kuuli amid chaos during an exercise to vet candidates.

This forced the TFF Executive Committee to make several changes in its standing committees, including the embattled Election Committee. The country’s football body Executive Committee made several changes in the Election Committee dropping four members and appointed new ones.

The four members who were dropped include Vice-Chairperson Domina Madeli, members Juma Lallika, Jeremiah Wambura and Hamim Mohmoud Omar, allegedly for among other reasons, breach of ethical conducts.

However, Kuuli has been retained and he will now work with new members who are Rufiji Member of Parliament (MP) Mohamed Mchengerwa, Advocate Malangwe Ally Mchungahela, Advocate Kiomoni Kibamba who is also Mwanza City Director and Advocate Thadeus Kalua.

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