Deere sees new dawn in Oryx rally


WITH Harinder Deere and Moses Matovu behind the wheel, Maji Bora Rally team, was surprisingly a force to reckon with in the just Tanzanian round of African Rally Championship (ARC).

The Dar es Salaam-based crews finished third overall in Oryx Rally, the fifth round of this year’s continental level rally beating many well established figures from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Scotland.

Deere who has never reached that far in his youthful career thanks his experienced navigator, Moses Matovu and his sponsors Majimaji Bora for providing him what he needed to reach that far.

He said he became a rejuvenated driver in the faster Subaru N12, and plus good guidance from his navigator, he was able to overcome foreign drivers’ threat.

“The competitive debut of any new car brings a great sense of anticipation, but when that debut comes at one of the most challenging and prestigious events like ARC, the urge for victory is a must,” said Deere who previously drove older Subaru N10.

He said the Tanzanian round has gained iconic status, and it is easy to see why. As one of the most unpredictable events in motorsport, the crews had to muster all of their talent, poise and experience alongside a little bit of luck.

He said besides a clear head and a natural ability to read the road are the only secrets to success, still he was forced to dedicate his success to his sponsor Vishal Singh, the director of Maji Bora whose support was priceless.

“He has done a commendable job, without him I couldn’t achieve that feat,” said Deere. With new car, Subaru N12, Deere said he has what he needs for victory.

“We feel that we have produced another fantastic car.

To me, this is going to be a spectacular year of rallying,” he said. Deere and Ahmed Huwel, who finished runner-up, were the most successful Tanzanian drivers in the just ended event.

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