Comedian Idris takes Style Icon of the year award


TANZANIAN comedian, actor and entrepreneur, Idris Sultan has won the title of the Style Icon of the Year 2017 at the Swahili Fashion Week event in Dar es Salaam that climaxed last Sunday.

Speaking with ‘Daily News’ upon his latest feat, Idris said “It means the world to me not by directly just being happy, I’m the winner but by knowing that people have noticed how hard it has been to execute and hold on to being stylishly iconic and inspirational at the same time in the midst of highly competitive figures, for that I am honored” The Swahili Fashion Week event that was held at the National Museum in Posta is a fashion event that showcases fashion and awards different people in the fashion world from different countries across Africa.

Idris, who is also the owner of a male shoes brand Sultan by Foremen, has gained popularity and success this year, especially after the launch of his brand that attracted many, from men to women. Despite of the success, Idris told the ‘Daily News’ that he faces the challenge of Technology.

“A large percentage of Tanzanians aren’t into online purchases especially for things costing more than 50,000/-. It has been a great challenge just to have them shop for SULTAN SHOES online smoothly, they have mostly opted into making calls and texting office numbers,” he said.

In the next five years, he see himself as the best seller in the fashion industry more like the TOM FORD or CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN or GUCCI or furthermore ARMANI of Tanzania, winning Oscars, Grammys and BET awards in acting, an A-list actor in Hollywood, billionaire on FORBES and a father of a beautiful family, added Sultan.

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