Yanga rue missing ‘hitmen’

YOUNG Africans assistant coach Shadrack Nsajigwa


YOUNG Africans assistant coach Shadrack Nsajigwa has admitted his team still lacks ‘hitmen’ to sharpen its marksmanship, a situation that threatens its title defending campaign.

The league title holders, Yanga have netted only four goals until the end of the fifth round. Speaking after his team was forced to a barren draw by the First Division Club, KMC said his side is yet to overcome a goal-scoring drought as they still struggle to score goals in many games.

The holders failed to hit behind the net over the weekend against First Division League (FDL) side KMC after being forced to a scoreless draw in the friendly match at Azam Complex, Dar es Salaam. Nsajigwa said his striking force was not sharp enough as they created lots of scoring chances but failed to utilise them.

“Our main problem is at the striking department where we usually put much focus during training sessions but still we have not come up with the required formula,” he said.

George Lwandamina’s right hand man added that they are still working extremely hard to strengthen their striking department in order to start hitting behind the net for their upcoming league games.

The Jangwani based side used most of their players who are unused in league matches and those who had recovered from injuries in a move Nsajigwa described as to give opportunity to other team members to shine and display their talents

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