TFF election: Aspirants face grill


WITH a day remaining ahead of the much anticipated Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) General Election, Dodoma town is buzzing with most candidates eying for various posts already here busy finalising their campaigns.

Ahead of the election, the Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited in collaboration with the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) will grill presidential candidates in a one -hour televised show,, which aims at enabling aspirants to express their views to the public.

“Our goal is to provide a forum for open, transparent discussion about the future governance of the sport in advance of the election that will determine who occupies the most powerful position in country football,” said Alfred Lasteck, the Coordinator of the show.

Candidates vying for federation’s top post in the election to be held at St Gasper in Dodoma include Ally Mayay, Wallace Karia, Imani Madega, Shija Richard, Fredrick Mwakalebela and Emanuel Kimbe.

Most delegates to the General Meeting are already in Dodoma ready for the election. The federation’s Executive Committee is expected to meet today and discuss various matters ahead of the meeting.

This year’s general election is expected to be one of the toughest following the number of aspirants who are eying for various posts to head the country’s football body for the next four years.

The election campaign was launched on Monday and will wind up today night and candidates are vigorously campaigning to lure voters. Vice- President, who is also the federation’s Interim president Wallace Karia kicked off his re-election campaign on Monday saying he is vying for the presidential post so as to improve the country’s football industry.

Shija Richard kicked off his presidential candidacy campaign on Tuesday targeting to restore the federation integrity as well grooming and developing football talent in the country.

“Discovering, grooming and developing football talents needs a lot of things and does not come in a single day, so we will start by establishing a good system of identifying and grooming talents all over the country and that way I have long term and short term plans to ensure our football goes into the next level,” Shija said.

“My plan is to ensure six sports academies are constructed by the federation in collaboration with our stakeholders within my four years term in office in six zones in the country and we will start with construction of the first one in Dodoma,” he added.

Frederick Mwakalebela, who previously held one of the vital posts in the federation and Ally Mayay, the former national team player launched their campaigns on Wednesday.

Mwakalebela, who was the former Secretary General of TFF during the reign of Leodegar Tenga, said his focus would be in commercialising the country’s football by creating more investing opportunities.

He said, also among his priorities would be improving football infrastructure and building them where there is none. He said good football infrastructure is vital in fast tracking development of the country’s football and meet the goal to turn the sport an officially recognised as major employment for the youth.

Former Young African player, Ally Mayay, disclosed various priorities in his manifesto as youth soccer development for both men and women disciplines from grass root.

“I would like to see our football is supervised professionally as to ensure the growth of our football and this can be possible if everyone in the federation and our stakeholders work hand in hand from the grass root level,” he said.

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