Shija, Selasela spice up TFF election race


PRESIDENTIAL candidate in the eagerly awaited Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) elections, Shija Richard kicked off his presidential candidacy campaign yesterday targeting to restore the federation integrity as well grooming and developing football talent in the country.

Shija unveiled that yesterday in Dar es Salaam when he officially launched his campaign for the federation’s top post after the TFF Electoral Committee blew the campaign’s whistle for candidates vying for various posts in the elections to be held on August 12 in Dodoma.

According his manifesto, Shija has various priorities to work on if elected to the federation’s top post in this weekend’s TFF elections, and has divided them into long and short term plans to ensure the country’s football goes into the next level as development cannot come in a single day.

Shija, who is challenged by five other candidates for the presidential post, is targeting to create means of identifying and developing football talents in the country which will go hand in hand with providing quality training for coaches, sports medicine personnel, and referees and football administrators countrywide.

“Discovering, grooming and developing football talents needs a lot of things and does not come in a single day, so we will start by establishing a good system of identifying and grooming talents all over the country and that way I have long term and short term plans to ensure our football goes into the next level ,” he disclosed.

And to start with when elected, Shija unveiled that with his fouryear term in collaboration with various stakeholders and sponsors including the government, he will ensure a sports academy will be constructed in the capital of the country, Dodoma, where football talents from all over the country will be groomed and developed.

“My plan is to ensure six sports academies are constructed by the federation in collaboration with our stakeholders within my four years term in office in six zones in the country and we will start with construction of the first one in Dodoma,” Shija unveiled.

Apart from that, he will revive and ensure the practical implementation of Bagamoyo Declaration which targets factors vital for the development of the country’s football and good governance, accountability and transparency in the federation.

Shija is contesting for the federation’s top post against Ally Mayay, Frederick Mwakalebela, Imani Madega, Wallace Karia and Emmanuel Kimbe while the vicepresident post is competed for by Mulamu Nghambi, Michael Wambura, Mtemi Ramadhani, Robert Selasela and Stephen Mwakibolwa.

Meanwhile, Jenny Chillery and Christina Mseja report that Robert Selasela, a candidate vying for the vice-president post has come with a slogan; ‘Good Soccer for Job Opportunities’ which he expects to bring a huge contribution to the football development if he is given the chance to serve the federation.

Selasela disclosed that in Dar es Salaam yesterday when launching his campaign for the federation elections scheduled for this weekend.

Selasela who is currently the Sports Chairperson of Kilombero district, acknowledged the government aimed to empower the youth so that they could become self reliant as well promised to promote women soccer since they do not perform well compared to men football.

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