‘Concealed’ Simba plot Madini fall


SIMBA who arrived here on Monday, have pitched a camp in a remote suburb of Arusha ahead of their Sunday match against the hosts Madini FC.

The team’s arrival was not colourful as they opted to keep low profile by staying far away from the city centre. The 34-man entourage that drove all the way from Dodoma after playing friendly against hosts Police, arrived in Arusha on Monday evening aboard the own bus.

There were 27 players and 7 officials in the entourage. It was reported here that other members of the club management were expected to arrive here tomorrow (Thursday). Simba SC came to Arusha for the first time after four years.

The last time the team was here was back in 2013 when it played against the National Service (JKT) team of Oljoro in the Mainland Premier League at Sheikh Amri Abeid and won 1-0.

For their current exercising camp in Arusha, the Simba players have decided to pitch far away from the City Centre, at the TGT Sporting Area, in the lower section of Ngaramtoni, in Arumeru District, which is a special multi-sports club well protected from outsiders. The team is boarding at ‘Clouds Motel,’ in Sakina area also located outside the city.

The team’s coordinator, Abbas Suleiman Ally, admitted that their expected Football Association (FA) quarter final match against Madini FC will not be easy, because they have heard a lot about the team, having excelled in a number of regional and national competitions, climbing up to their current Second Division League.

“But as usual, Simba Sports Club is always gearing for victory and whether Madini are strong or not, the victory is ours and we have enough time to acclimatise with Arusha weather,” Suleiman Ally stated.

The team’s coordinator expressed interest to remain in Arusha even after the next Sunday match; “The weather is good and the arena here seems conducive for our preparatory drills towards facing the Kagera Sugar FC on April 2 this year,” he said.

According to Ally, the weather in Arusha is just like that of Kagera and that, it will be of their advantage they train in Arusha for their tough away match against Kagera Sugar at Kaitaba Stadium. ….

As Madini Football Club speaks The Madini Football Club players on the other hand are camping at Suye Hills in Moshono area, South of Arusha City, warming up for their match against Simba on Sunday.

“We are the best team in the entire Northern Zone area; Simba should not look down at our ‘Second Division League’s status thinking our players are lightweight,” said the Madini team Coach, Abdallah Juma.

Juma added that, the reason why Simba are in Arusha, in the first place is because Madini FC is well organised team and popular across the country for its football prowess and that, the Dar-es-salaam based team should be very careful or else they can be beaten by a big number of goals.

Madini thrashed the Arusha Football Club (AFC) during the first FA cup match 1-0 and then defeated Oljoro JKT, 8-7 on penalty score, then dusted off Mirambo of Tabora 4-0 before sending Panone away with 1-0 and in the final top 16, Madini thrashed JKT-Ruvu, 4-3 on penalty kicks which catapulted the team into the quarter finals.

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