Zanzibar extractive industry gets NRGI, ZAOGS support

Zanzibar extractive industry gets NRGI, ZAOGS support

THE Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) has expressed its willingness to work with the Government of Zanzibar, the private sector and civil society organizations to support the ongoing efforts to ensure that Zanzibaris benefit from the extractive industry, mostly oil and gas.

The NRGI's Africa Co-Director, Silas Olang, made the remarks while introducing the NRGI to the Government Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations at the invitation of the Zanzibar Association of Oil and Gas Service Providers (ZAOGS) here in Zanzibar.

"We came to introduce the NRGI to stakeholders and articulate our commitment to work with all of you to ensure this sector is beneficial to the Zanzibaris and the Nation," said Silas.

He added that the sector was facing many challenges including corruption in awarding contracts, the sector’s revenue distribution, and environmental degradation if there was no proper control and conflicts within the community that should be addressed in the early stages.

In discussions with the stakeholders, Silas also outlined how to spend the revenue generated from the resources because the resources are being used and depleted.

He also talked on how to manage people's expectations and not use the resource as debt security, saying that more than 90 percent of the citizens in oil-rich countries are living in extreme poverty.

"More than one billion people from oil-rich countries are poor due to poor distribution of revenue from these resources, so we must be vigilant and learn from the mistakes of others," he says as he pledges that as NRGI has vast experience in the sector, it is ready to share its experience with Zanzibar stakeholders in every stage.

ZAOGS’ founder and Chairperson, Ambassador Abdulsamad Abdulrahman says that the association has committed to ensuring that Zanzibar benefits from a wide range of economic opportunities including the oil and gas economy.

He says ZAOGS will work with various stakeholders including NRGI to ensure Zanzibar is economically vibrant.

“NRGI is an important stakeholder in this sector here in Zanzibar, we have worked together to build the capacity of TAOGS in mainland Tanzania and now we have brought them here in Zanzibar.

We are doing this to support the President of Zanzibar Dr Hussein Mwinyi and fulfill the 2050 Zanzibar Development vision and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs,” Abdulrahman said.

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