Of Angels Guiding Tanzania

I truly believe that Tanzania is a special country. If you don’t believe this yet, you will eventually because the shock-inducing miracles that keep happening in the country will. I have no doubts in this fact.

I actually believe we are being guided and protected by angels because some of the things we get away with can only be explained by Devine intervention and assistance.

I started to think this way when, on repeated occasion and over a long period of time, I’ve seen BodaBoda (motorcycles) drivers using plastic waterbuckets as helmets while speeding on the highways.

How they do this over and over again can only be explained by Devine assistance. Then, there is the complete disregard of hygiene in a lot of the local restaurants that if there weren’t protected by angels, I believe we would all have died of typhoid.

This is because these restaurants are affordable to the masses thus feed a majority of people both within the city and in rural areas on a daily basis.

But perhaps the most angel praise worthy is those of our public officials. I don’t know if we would have made it if it wasn’t for the hand of God Almighty.

Of the things that we are allowed to talk about, I will talk about. First there is the internal work environment that they have to deal with but then the people who they serve are not always nice.

For instance, a video went viral this week showing a businessman attacking what he thought were thieves trying to swindle him in his establishment.

The businessman, a large and able man, was seen to get physically and verbally abusive to the people. Turns out the guys were actually immigration officers who were investigating claims that the business acts as a safe haven for illegal immigrants.

These guys could have been put in harm’s way but as I believe, angels intervened and saved them. I won’t say anything about the fact that I think they went about the whole investigation completely wrong.

I don’t want to be seen as being unpatriotic and whatnot. Then there is that guy whose passport has been suspiciously apprehended under the guise that he may not be Tanzanian.

Right. Finally, there is Hobby, the sniffer dog. Apparently he has been found after two weeks of extensive searching. Apparently, he was on study leave somewhere improving his skills.

What gets me is that it took two whole weeks for this to be reported. Two whole weeks for something that should have taken 24 hours and that the information was only released after public demand for feedback on the matter.

Nothing more has been spoken about the matter so there really isn’t any room to actually determine if Hobby is indeed Hobby and not an impersonator.

We will never know. All these questions and not enough time for answers.

Appearance at Court of Appeal

Author: Amby Lusekelo

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