Nkasi teachers’ union rejects prone report by ‘DC team

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THE Tanzania Teachers’ Union (TTU) in Nkasi District of Rukwa region has strongly opposed suggestions made by a probe team formed by the Acting Nkasi District Council Executive Director (DED), Mr Missana Kwangura, insisting it was aimed at ‘embarrassing’ three teachers at Kabwe Secondary School.

The probe team was formed by Kwangura to investigate allegations against Kabwe Secondary School Head, Jackson Mussa, who allegedly attacked and slapped one of his teachers, Mr Emanuel Mbemba, a Geography teacher in Form Three at the school.

The Nkasi District TTU Secretary Mr Heri Mtovano told the ‘Daily News’ over the phone that the union had since agreed and fully supported the recommendation given by the probe team that the Kabwe School Head Mr Musaa should be demoted and Mr Mbemba be transferred to another school.

“But as TTU here in Nkasi District we can never entertain suggestion given by the probe team that three other teachers from the same school whose names are not yet made public also be transferred to other schools due to over gross indiscipline …….

The probe team must focus on investigating the allegations against the school head,” they charged. “These suggestions are meant to embarrass and humiliate our teachers whom we consider innocent” added Mr Mtovano.

On phone, Mr Kwangura admitted that his probe team had accomplished its mission and submitted its findings to him – suggesting that Kabwe Secondary School Head Mr Mussa be demoted and Mr Mbemba be transferred to other school as well as other three teachers for gross indiscipline.

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