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THE Parents’ Wing of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), has been advised to sell to the government some of the schools it owns countrywide to enable it raise funds to undertake development projects.

“If possible and if you see into it that the Parents’ Wing cannot manage the schools, then I am advising you to sell to the government at least 10 or 20 of the schools,” Dr Magufuli, who is also the National Chairman of CCM, made the advice when officiating at the Wing’s general assembly here.

According to the outgoing Chairman of the CCM Parents’ Wing, Mr Abdallah Bulembo, the association has about 54 secondary schools spread across the country as well as a vocational training centre at Kaole, Bagamoyo in Coast Region.

Dr Magufuli disclosed at the meeting that the government has dished out 1.7bn/- to the Parents’ Wing for the purchase of Omumwani Secondary School in Kagera Region which was previously owned by the association.

“If you could release more schools to the government; I fully understand that these schools are facing challenges of admitting students due to the free-education policy in public owned schools, as many people are now rushing to the latter.

“The Omumwani Secondary School played a crucial role of hosting students who had been stranded after their schools were destroyed by earthquake in Kagera. I hereby extend my gratitude to the parents’ wing for the gesture,” President Magufuli stated.

He assured members at the meeting that the wing would continue to flourish under his leadership as National Chairman of CCM, stating firmly that there were no plans of disbanding the association for any reasons.

“The Parents’ Wing was established by Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and I will be the last person to see it collapse under my leadership. Since its inception, the wing has had many achievements and it will be there to stay,” Dr Magufuli affirmed.

The association, which currently boasts of almost two million members countrywide, was established before independence in 1955. It was then known as Tanganyika African Parents Association (TAPA).

Meanwhile, the National Chairman of the ruling party as-sured the members of the Parents’ Wing he was working to make reforms in the party to see into it that there is equal and fair allocation of parliamentary slots in the National Assembly among all the three party wings.

“Why should the youth wing be allocated five slots while the parents’ wing has only one? I will ensure under my leadership that each wing gets equal number of these slots,” Dr Magufuli pledged before members at the well-attended meeting.

Earlier, Mr Bulembo had expressed concerns that the parents had been allocated fewer posts in the special women seats compared to the other wings within the party namely the youth wing and women’s wing.

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