JPM decries moral decay

PRESIDENT John Magufuli, who is also CCM National Chairman, emphasizes a point while opening the party’s 9th Parents’ Wing general assembly at Jakaya Kikwete Conference Centre in Dodoma, yesterday.

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NATIONAL Chairman of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), President John Magufuli has expressed displeasure over the alarming and rampant moral decay in the society, calling upon the Parents’ Wing of the party to put its weight in instilling discipline, particularly among the young generation.

“Moral decay is on the rise, at an alarming rate, in our society and it is apparent that responsible authorities and the media have turned a blind eye to the vice. I am wondering what kind of generation we are creating with such trend.

“It is very disturbing for instance when you are seated at home watching television and what you see is half-naked girls dancing to music, while their male counterparts are well dressed,” Dr Magufuli expressed his concerns as he was addressing the meeting.

The Head of State expressed concern that the Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports as well as the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and management of the media have not done enough to address the problem.

“As the Parents’ Wing of our party, it is your duty to instil discipline in the society and uphold moral code of the Tanzanian society. It is upon you to ensure that the country grooms people of good conduct,” the CCM Chairman stressed.

On the other hand, Dr Magufuli urged members of the wing to ensure they elect ethical leaders in their upcoming election, warning them that voting corrupt leaders into office will only lead to the peril of their association.

“I never dished a penny when I was contesting for the presidency; leadership is about serving the people. You should not allow to be bribed to elect leaders into your community,” he warned. He went on and warned executives of the party against the tendency of imposing on the members individuals they favour to be elected, stressing that the members should be allowed to vote leaders of their choice.

“You ought to vote leaders who will strengthen the unity of the party and the nation as well; the Parent’s Wing is crucial for development of the country,” he stated. The CCM Chairman stated categorically that he does not back up any contestant in the election and hence the members should elect leaders of their choice.

The CCM Chair as well instructed the incoming leadership of the Parents’ Wing to trace and recover all stolen property of the association, hailing the outgoing leaders for working tirelessly in recovering some of the pilfered property.

“I am told that the outgoing leaders assumed office when there were only 18 title deeds for property owned by the wing, but they worked and managed to increase the number to 54 title deeds,” he explained. Dr Magufuli directed the incoming leaders to work with State authorities to help tracing and recovering all possessions which have been pilfered by some dishonest people.

On the same occasion, Dr Magufuli blasted the outgoing leadership of the CCM Women’s Wing, blaming them for working for their own interests rather than the party and the nation at large.

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