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Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Ms Wang Ke

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THE new Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Ms Wang Ke, has expressed commitment to work with the government in exploring opportunities, including sharing experiences, particularly in the fields of economic development, poverty reduction and war against corruption for the benefit of the people of the two countries.

The Chinese envoy expressed commitment on Thursday evening in Dar es Salaam when she spoke to reporters for the first time since she arrived in the country, last month, to represent the second largest economy in the world.

“As new Chinese Ambassador, I will spare no efforts to fulfill my mission, work together with my Tanzanian counterparts, promote the two sides to make full use of each other’s advantage and strive to achieve more real results through cooperation in all fields and various forms,” Ms Wang said.

She added that considering the expectations from both sides and the achievements of some neighbouring countries there was still a room for progress and potential to be tapped. “There is no excuse for China-Tanzania cooperation to fall behind. Joint efforts are needed.

Our bilateral cooperation should uphold the principle of mutual benefit and follow the market rule. Enterprises should enjoy support and policy facilitation from the two governments,” Ms Wang, a diplomat with vast experience in African affairs, said.

The diplomat hailed the path of development currently being taken by Tanzania government with President John Magufuli at the helm. “Tanzania has also endeavoured to explore a development path suited for Tanzanian context.

President Nyerere advocated Socialism and self-independence through his famous Arusha Declaration,” Ambassador Wang pointed out. She added: “After taking office President Magufuli has also been actively exploring development path for Tanzania, by accelerating industrialisation, vigorously combatting corruption, drawing up the second five-year development plan for the major objective of becoming a middle income country.

” She said having worked in Africa for years; she was much impressed by the fast growth of African countries and the hospitality and sincerity of African people. Singling out Tanzania, Ambassador Wang said as a major country in East Africa, it has maintained a 7 per cent growth for many years in a row with the strong capacity of risk resistance.

“I believe that in the future, under the leadership of President Magufuli and the fifth phase government, together, with the concerted efforts of Tanzania people, Tanzanian dream of turning into an industrialised and middleincome country will surely become true,” Ambassador Wang said.

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