Police alert, vow arrest on cybercrime everywhere

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THE Police Force through its Cyber Crime Unit has warned all users of the social media networks to make sure they use their real names in the course of their communications short of which, the law would be spelled to the letter.

Speaking here during a workshop on cyber-crimes and related issues as prepared by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), the Unit’s Senior Official Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Joshua Mwangasa said time has come for strict regulations to arrest all abuses in the country’s cyber space.

He said apart from ensuring transparent, fair and accountable use of the social media and other electronic communications in the country, the Unit was also out to see into it that Tanzania’s cyber space remains secure all the time.

According to Commander Mwangasa, the country’s cyber space was generally safe in comparison to other member states in the East African Community (EAC), however, he warned social media users who would try to involve offensive or abusive language that they would be traced wherever they are.

“We are in the right track, but we would like to remind all here that we are also keen in ensuring responsible usage of the social media, and other electronic communications as per the requirements of Electronic and Postal Communications Act of 2010,” he pointed out.

According to him, the Cyber Crime Unit was keeping a close eye on those with ulterior motives, who are also hiding outside the country that their cooperation with the International Police network (Interpol) would still trace and arrest them.

The workshop attended also by the religious leaders from Mwanza Region, tasked them to play their part in educating their followers on responsible use of the social media to maintain social prosperity, and security in the country.

On his side, TCRA Director for Consumer and In dustrial Affairs Dr Reynold Mfungahema said religious and spiritual leaders play key role as resourceful members of the society, who should be banked on to maintain good morals in the current social media era.

He said of late, it has been increasingly noted that the social media is misused by some people to commit crimes, circulate abusive languages, materials and ungodly pictures, which should not be the case.

According to him, Tanzania currently hosts more than 40 million lines of the mobile phones with many of them being connected in social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, besides some which are being misused by some abusers.

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