PM to MPs: We’re determined to net, punish killers, assailants

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PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa yesterday reiterated the government’s commitment to arrest and penalize all the individuals linked to assaulting and killing other people, declaring emphatically that the police force had the capacity to deal with the culprits.

He made the remarks in Parliament yesterday, in response to a question from the leader of the Opposition Camp, Mr Freeman Mbowe, in which there was an allusion that the government was reluctant to allow independent, foreign investigators to investigate the attack on Opposition Chief Whip Tundu Lissu.

The premier said the police force hadn’t seen any need for that option, saying that progress had been registered in the ongoing investigations, and that, in due course, they would give a feedback to the concerned parties.

“This issue is not exclusive to the attack on our colleague Tundu Lissu. Similar incidents have occurred in Kibiti, Rufiji, and others, all of which entail thorough investigations. I am emphatically assuring you that our security organs are working on them, and you will be briefed on the outcome,” he said.

Mr Majaliwa said the security organs were well equipped, and were applying appropriate methods of tackling the culprits. He advised Mr Mbowe to be patient as findings of the investigations are in an advanced stage as the government values the life of everyone, irrespective of one’s political affiliation.

In his supplementary question, however, Mr Mbowe focused on the Lissu issue, claiming that the government was mistreating the opposition, and that, therefore, engaging a foreign investigator would be a better option.

Responding, Mr Majaliwa said no one was happy with what happened to Mr Lissu, reiterating the government’s determination to ensure that all the culprits were subjected to the legal process.

He called for concerted efforts to consolidate peace and stability and expose all those who harboured evil intentions.

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