State avails 147bn/- for civil servants arrears

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THE government has set aside 147bn/- to be paid as arrears to public servants following verification of a number of debts.

Premier, Kassim Majaliwa expressed the government commitment to increase workers’ salary after they have done enough research on employees’ outstanding debts. He said so far, they have started payments of the arrears which are being disbursed directly to the employees’ salaries saying they found no reason to make the matter public.

However, he said, the payments are being done in installments depending on debts verification process. He was reacting to Mohamed Kigua (KilindiCCM) who questioned when will the government raise salaries for workers as well as improve their welfare.

Mr Majaliwa said they had suspended salary grade upgrading pending ghost worker checks and fake academic certificate exercises. “Now that we are through, we have allowed upgrading to start, which means more debts and arrears, which I assure you will be paid” he told the Parliament.

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