Fokker planes safe, relevant - Nditiye

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THE government has assured the public that the Fokker 28 and 50 airplanes under the Tanzania Government Flight Agency (TGFA), used to transport government officials are safe.

The Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Mr Atashasta Nditiye said despite being old, they are within the economic benefit time frame.

He said for the two planes to be regarded as out of order, they are supposed to have travelled 90,000 hours while the two have less than 15,000 hours.

Moreover, he said, they are keen and they observe the service and maintenance schedule. Mr Ndiyite was responding to Abbas Mwinyi (Fuoni-CCM) who wanted to know why the government is not phasing out the two flights as they are outdated and instead buy new ones that match technology.

Mr Mwinyi questioned when the government will conduct maintenance of a hangar which is in bad shape. Mr Nditiye assured Mr Mwinyi that the spare parts for the two flights are being manufactured in Malaysia under licence.

He said currently, Fokker 50 which is in good condition is used to transport government leaders whereas Fokker 28 has complications with break and engine and is under maintenance.

However, he said, the government is aware of the bad shape of the hangar and it has directed TGFA to conduct the actual cost needed for the maintenance to see how best they can handle the situation.

He said when the actual costs are known, the government will start to work on the renovations and maintenance of the hangar.

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