MPs take Mpango to task over national plan

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FINANCE and Planning Minister, Dr Phillip Mpango, yesterday, came under fire from Members of Parliament for failing to come up with a national plan to increase productivity rather than concentrating on tax collections.

Minister Mpango, tabled the fiscal 2018 budget and national development plan in the National Assembly on Tuesday, but a section of MPs from opposition and ruling party are blaming his office for “plagiarism.”

“There is no difference between the plan with the one tabled here last year. The document presented does not explore much on how the government plans to increase productivity,” said Peter Serukamba (Kigoma North, CCM).

“Large part of the document details on how to increase regulation and tax collection … this is too wrong,” he said. The vocal MP said a better plan would have suggested how the government will increase agriculture production.

He says the government has forgotten completely the contribution of the private sector and now it is moving to implement everything. “This is what is pushing the national debt to grow at an average of 17 per cent.”

Malindi MP (CUF) Mr Ally Saleh wondered as to what is the Tanzanian best product or brand given that such efforts have never been emphasised. He also backed claims that the government-private sector collaboration was too limited and thus most likely to affect the country’s economy growth.

A veteran Member of Parliament Mr Richard Ndassa (Sumve, CCM) openly said the Minister was to blame. The lawmaker who has served the Parliament since 1995 said the new national plan emphasises industrial economy but there is no electricity to power such industries.

Another MP contributing to the National Plan, Mr Hussein Bashe (Nzega, CCM) said there will be no development transformation should the Minister fail to change his attitude.

The MP took time to pass parliamentarians through a page-to-page of the plan highlighting that the document had forgotten key ingredients to ensure industrial economy.

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