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LOCAL feminists in the agricultural sector are pushing for increased investment on small scale agriculture with more focus on women, a group which makes large part of people in the sector.

The activists made the appeal yesterday in Dar es Salaam, days after arriving from attending the international conferences on World Food Day in Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. They attended the conferences to share Tanzanian experiences with their counterparts from other countries.

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) announced the 2017 World Food Day (WFD), which is marked on 16th October every year, with the theme focusing on the link between migration, food security and rural development.

This year’s theme is “Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development.” Coordinator for Food and Climate Change campaign un “We want the voice of the small farmers to be heard globally, because experience shows that large scale investment in agriculture hasn’t benefited them,” she said.

Margret Thomas, Oxfam’s Campaign Coordinator for feminist movement said that in the conferences, they learnt that the international community is not aware of the challenges facing small scale farmers in Africa.

“Media coverage on challenges facing the small scale farmers, particularly women, is still minimal,” she said.

Ms Elinuru Pallangyo, who advocates for rights of women in agriculture in Arusha region, said women are still practicing nomadic agriculture because most of them are denied owning lands in the communities.

“More efforts need to be done to educate women on issues of climate change in agriculture, as many of them are still ignorant of the subject,” she said.

Another activist, Ms Maria Mbuya, sounded the need to empower women in agriculture in terms of giving them capital for venturing into commercial farming.

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