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THE Tanzania Commission for Universities yesterday opened yet another room for students who failed to secure admissions to higher learning institutions and others who received multiple admissions.

In this third phase of applications, TCU wants all students who got multiple admissions to confirm attendance to just one university of their choice, or risk being locked out by the university watchdog.

TCU has extended the exercise for three more days beginning Monday – which means that students who failed to secure admissions after missing the criteria or because of competitiveness, have until tomorrow to seek a third chance.

According to information posted on TCU website, the only students allowed to apply anew would be those who weren’t selected during the first and second selections; those who were yet to apply by yesterday should count themselves out.

Last week, TCU spokesperson Edward Mkaku told The Daily News that verification by TCU had since established that some 20,000 students got multiple admissions at different higher learning institutions – and had been given until Thursday last week to confirm with their respective universities before TCU gives them the “green light” to such ad missions for the 2017/2018 academic year.

TCU is opening the third phase to allow more students to confirm their preferred universities. The TCU also says that applicants who will fail to confirm a single university of their choice would be locked out, asking serious applicants to communicate directly with their preferred universities or visit the universities’ websites instead of going to TCU offices.

Since the government banned TCU from admitting students to various higher learning institutions, students are now forced to apply for admissions at their preferred universities, which should, in turn, forward the names to TCU for verification.

The TCU further requires all successful students to report to their respective universities by October 30, asking the higher learning institutions to forward those names to the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB).

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