Police gun down four suspected gangsters

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POLICE in Dar es Salaam on Thursday night gunned down four out of 20 suspected gangsters who allegedly broke into a residential house in Temeke District.

Special Zone Police Commander Lazaro Mambosasa told reporters in the city yesterday that the suspected bandits had invaded the house of an officer with the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF), Makala Erasto, at Toangoma Mbagala in Temeke District.

They reportedly used explosives to open the gate into the residence of the 44-year old army officer. Commander Mambosasa said the police officers on patrol at the suburb were informed about the robbery upon arrival at the scene, the criminals blew up their explosives, compelling the law enforcers to fire back.

The Commander added that the thugs dispersed and continued blowing up the explosives. And during the exchange of fire, four gangsters were injured and taken to Temeke Hospital but died as they were receiving treatment.

Commander Mambosasa said at the scene, the police recovered two copper wires, a battery and five bush knives. He said no family member was injured during the incident, adding that the police have mounted a manhunt on the thugs.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested four people over fraud charg es. The Zonal Police Chief said the suspects were arrested on September 29 following information from an informer that there were conmen deceitfully collecting money from Chanika residents on promise to get more from the Bank of Tanzania (BoT).

He said the crooks asked their victims to contribute 450,000/- each as entry fee to receive more from the central bank. According to Commander Mambosasa, the informer said he had received information on the BoT funds, with the Archbishop of Dar es Salaam, Polycarp Cardinal Pengo reported to have signed a letter issued by the Funfumark Investment Company on August 18, this year.

“The letter was addressed to BoT Governor for 250 billion US dollar transfer from the central bank to Mkombozi Bank, where members could be shared as deposits and assets of the ‘Tunu Discoveries Group,’ Commander Mambosasa said.

He said after investigations, the police arrested four suspects, employees and leaders of Funfumark Investment Company. He named the suspects as Executive Director Jackson Jeruman, Assistant Director Abubakar Kaitaba, Secretary Israel Maybe and Accountant Mariam Bakari.

After searching, the suspects were found with 525 files of people who paid 450,000/- each to open accounts and for Funfmark office. They were also found with 6,824,000/- and 100 US dollars as daily collections from members.

The Commander said in preliminary interview, the suspects described the word ‘Tunu’ as the religious beliefs and dreamed dreams, saying the collected funds were for construction of churches and mosques for believers of all denominations in Tanzania.

“They have deceived in using the names of the central bank and Archbishop Cardinal Pengo of the Catholic Church to fraudulently make 122m/- and 2,200 US dollars from 875 enrolled

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