IGP implores local authorities to use police in revenue collection

INSPECTOR General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro

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INSPECTOR General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro has urged local authorities in the country to work closely with the Police Force in collecting revenues and curbing land conflicts in early stages before they turn into deadly clashes.

Many local government authorities in Tanzania have been using local militias when collecting revenues in their areas.

The message by the IGP was presented on his behalf by the Police Force Commander of Operations and Training, Commissioner of Police (CP) Nsato Marijani Nsanzya at the 33rd Annual General Meeting of the Association of Local Authorities in Tanzania (ALAT) in Dar es Salaam on Thursday.

“We cannot sustain the government, including implementing development projects without taxes and thus local authorities should consider using the police in collecting revenues in their respective areas. Local authorities are very close to the people and you should consider us (the police) as your servants,” CP Nsanzya pointed.

And, as the government drums up about industrialising the country’s economy, CP Nsanzya said the police force was well prepared to maintain peace and order to ensure the safety of people and their properties.

“There cannot be industries and investors in a place where there is insecurity, it is our duty to maintain peace and order to enable the country attain development,” he stated as he delivered the message on behalf of the IGP.

On land conflicts, the police commander appealed to leaders in local councils to alert the police when there is simmering disputes to avoid bloody clashes. “It is prudent for police to intervene in early stages and this can only be possible if are alerted early,” he said.

“Since the local authorities are close to the people there are well placed to alert us before the conflicts are blown-up into deadly clashes. The law enforcers have an impact when alerted on time to take actions,” he added.

CP Nsanzya pointed out that close working relations between the police and local government authorities was crucial in maintaining peace and order and eventually boosting development.

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