Four cheat death in Bajaj, plane accident

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FOUR people cheated death narrowly on Monday after a tricycle, Bajaj, they were traveling in overturned as its rider attempted to escape a landing aircraft at Sumbawanga airport.

Eyewitnesses told the ‘Daily News here yesterday that there were three passengers on the Bajaj and the rider crossed the Sumbawanga airport as the small airplane was about to land.

Rukwa Regional Police Commander (RPC) George Kyando confirmed the incident, saying the Bajaj rider, after sensing danger, he speeded up in attempt to escape from being hit by the landing plane.

The RPC said, the shocked rider lost control of the overspeeding Bajaj, which overturned right on the airport as the plane speedily passed besides it . “The shaken Bajaj rider and his passengers got out of it and managed to tow it and escape swiftly… neither the passenger identities nor the Ba jaj registration numbers were identified,” charged the RPC.

He denied reports making rounds in Sumbawanga Town and its environs that all people who were in the Bajaj died. “There was no death in the incident ... it is not even clear if any of the passengers sustained injuries, because they all fled,” he said.

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