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MAJORITY of public institutions have reportedly defied the law that requires them to furnish the Public Service Commission (PSC) with human resource management reports.

Under the Public Service Act No. 8 of 2002, all public institutions, including the ministries, have submit to PSC reports detailing the human resources management assessments.

The key areas of focus in the reports are new employment opportunities, approval, promotions, Open Performance Review and Appraisal System (OPRAS) as well as short and long-term courses for employees.

Section 10(2) of the legislation empowers the commission to “…require any employing authority to provide information, which the commission may need for carrying out its functions.” But, despite law requirement, only 120 out of 430 public institutions (27.9 per cent) submitted their reports, according to the commission’s statement by its Secretary Nyakimura Muhoji.

The commission has summoned the remaining 310 public employers to “Submit their 2016/17 reports to pave way for preparations of the annual report, which will entail actual situation of human resources management in the public service.”

PSC said between October and December, last year, only 15 out of the 19 ministries and 10 out of 26 regional secretariats had submitted their respective reports. In the same period, the commission added, only 18 out of 37 government agencies adhered to the law by submitting the reports.

“Other 10 autonomous institutions out of 20 have submitted their reports while three out of 143 (only 2 per cent) of public institutions adhered,” Mr Muhoji said in the statement, adding that 69 out of 185 institutions under the Local Government Authorities (LGAs) submitted their respective assessment reports.

In January to March, 2017, according to PSC, only six ministries, eight regional secretariats, 16 agencies and only two of the 143 LGAs submitted their reports. “The commission insists that the submission of the human resources reports is provided in the law and regulations ... employers, employing and disciplinary authorities are duty-bound to adhere to the legal provision,” PSC said.

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