NGOs plead for state rescue out of financial crisis

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DWINDLING donor funding has forced some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to scale down or completely close their operations in the country.

Gender activists have as a result asked both the government and private sector to support the gender equality movements.

Speaking at the TGNP Mtandao-organised 2017 Gender Festival in Dar es Salaam yesterday, the Director for Women Fund Tanzania, Ms Mary Rusimbi, implored all stakeholders, including the government to financially support the transformation movements to foster development.

“Funding is dropping globally and locally…some NGOs have closed because they cannot afford even rent,” charged the director.

She said because the right groups work with local government authorities, public funding is critical to support NGOs, advising gender activists to change the techniques of raising funds by involving the private sector in the emancipation of women.

According to Ms Rusimbi, most of the funds are currently directed to Latin American countries and India, affecting the right groups in the country.

An activist, Ms Ussu Mallya said that 740 NGOs receive 106 million US dollars (about 240bn/-), which is not equally shared among regional and local groups, saying local sources of raising funds are inevitable.

At the festival themed: “Transformation of Oppressive Systems for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development,” a TGNP Mtandao member, Ms Gema Akilimali, appreciated the government for dealing with mineral thieves and tax evaders.

She said the government is working on the issues that activists have been raising for many years, proposing that the resources being generated be returned to the ordinary citizens, including women who are the marginalised.

Vice-President Samia Suluhu Hassan opened the Gender Festival early last week, with activists urging the government to come up with inclusive policies that will leave nobody behind.

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