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MR Mustafa Jaffer Sabodo, a prominent Tanzanian philanthropist and businessman, has showered praise on President John Magufuli for being a staunch crusader against corruption, likening his leadership qualities with those of founding President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

That was part of the thread of sentiments he voiced during a recent exclusive interview with the ‘Daily News’ and its companion publication, ‘HabariLeo’. The performance of the Fifth Phase Government was one of the highlights of the interview, conducted at his Dar es Salaam residence.

The ailing but strong-willed senior citizen remarked that Tanzania had been immensely lucky to get Dr Magufuli as Head of State at the right time. “I worked with Mwalimu Nyerere very closely and have also witnessed successive presidents come and go.

But President Magufuli is unique. I am confidently declaring that Dr Magufuli will perform wonders in this nation,” he said.

Mr Sabodo dwelt at length on the war against corruption spearheaded by President Magufuli, saying success in the fight against the vice entail commitment and political will, which the President had demonstrably displayed to fellow leaders in the government, civil servants and the general public.

“With President Magufuli in the driving seat, I will now die peacefully,” he said, and repeated three times for emphasis.

The eminent, yet mildmannered philanthropist, revealed that his Singaporebased son had disclosed to him that President Magufuli’s name and governance style featured widely and positively in conversations amongst the people there. Singapore, an Island citystate off southern Malaysia, is a global financial centre.

“It is rare or close to impossible to hear about cases of corruption in Singapore.

There’s virtually no corruption in Singapore,” he said. According to Mr Sabodo, President Magufuli’s zero tolerance for laxity, corruption embezzlement and misuse of public funds, as well as other resources would take the nation to the next level of development. “If you protect corrupt and lazy government officials you should be ready to delay development for your people.

President Magufuli has clearly demonstrated that he is not ready for that,” the prominent economist and consultant in international debt finance observed.

Although Dr Magufuli recently categorically dismissed calls for constitutional changes to provide for extension of presidential term limits beyond the current combined total of ten years, Mr Sabodo remarked: “Even if he ruled for 15 years, I would have no problems with that.”

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