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FINANCE and Planning Minister, Dr Philip Mpango has asked vehicle owners and motorists to verify their insurance cover stickers in order to avoid and curb influx of fakes currently rampant in the country.

Dr Mpango said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that 10 per cent of revenues on car insurance businesses in the country are lost due to the existence of counterfeit insurance cover stickers glued on vehicle windscreens. He said the fake covers are highly used in vehicles transported outside the country through Dar es Salaam Port and in motorcycles.

The Minister made the revelation in a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry, Khatibu Kazungu, during the launch of a new portal that manages motor insurance stickers and their respective cover notes.

The portal (TIRA MIS) designed by Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA), enables car owners, motorists and all other stakeholders to verify the issued stickers and respective cover notes on-line using mobile phones.

Dr Mpango asked Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), SUMATRA and police to team up with TIRA and get connected to the portal in order to acquire all the information of motor vehicle insurances as they are helpful in tackling their roles.

“I call upon all the stakeholders to make use of the portal (TIRA MIS) to ensure everyone plays his or her part to track down the influx of forged covers in the country,” he said.

Dr Mpango also asked TIRA to make public all the information on motor insurances legally issued in the country, in order to enable car owners and motorists acquire genuine cover stickers.

He also asked the insurance agents, companies and intermediaries to verify registration numbers of the cover stickers issued by TIRA once their insurances are registered.

The Commissioner of Insurance of TIRA, Baghayo Saqware said that a survey conducted in some regions in the country indicates that 20 per cent of 1,596 vehicles had fake insurance sticker covers.

He stressed the need for car owners, motorists and other stakeholders to make use of the portal (TIRA MIS) to verify the stickers in order to avoid fake products issued by bogus companies.

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