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THE public has been advised to take advantage of the social media, especially those engaged in agricultural, livestock and fishing industry, since it has a lot of positive aspects for their business growth.

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Deputy Director of Zonal Coordination, Mr Victor Nkya, said they can use the platforms to get skills which at the end of the day will improve on the way they run their activities.

Mr Nkya gave the advice here yesterday when elaborating on a number of issues pertaining to the communication sector to people who visited their pavilion at the ongoing Nane Nane Exhibitions here at Ngongo grounds.

He said the public are not tapping the opportunities available for their business and getting the latest knowledge, instead others have been using it for attacking one another while others use it to scandalize individuals, where at the end of the day they end up facing court cases.

“They should use the social media to find markets, learn from those who have succeeded on the best agricultural methods and the availability of much needed inputs because in so doing they will benefit economically,” said Mr Nkya.

Mr Nkya said they decided to take part in the exhibition so that the public can be educated on the effective use of the social media which is among their agenda, as they foster for increased productivity on the use of the platforms.

With the increasing demand of cashew nut and simsim in the world market which are grown in the Southern regions especially Lindi and Mtwara, he said the social media can help them to know the market prices so that when bargaining they have the real data at their finger tips.

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