Geita sets new battle against malaria in gear

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GEITA Gold Mine (GGM) in collaboration with Abt Associates and the Geita Town Council, has launched the sixth annual Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) anti-malaria campaign in the region.

The 12-day campaign launched over the weekend aims to cover over 20,000 households in Mtakuja, Nyamkumbu, Kalangalala, Kasamwa, Bunegezi, Bulela and Bung’wangoko wards. The Geita District Commissioner Mr Herman Kapufi, urged project coordinators and community members to join forces in the battle against malaria.

He called for people’s positive responsiveness, by taking precaution like using mosquito nets, clearing residential settlements of thickets, and seeking malaria tests fast in the event of sensing symptoms.

Mr Kapufi said the project was initiated with the aim of controlling Malaria that greatly affects the region, causing illness and in severe forms, death; particularly among pregnant women and children under the age of five.

About 2bn/- had been spent on the project since its commencement in 2010, A study by the Regional Health Office shows that there has been a 57 per cent decrease in the threat of malaria since June 2012. This has in turn reduced the number of children and pregnant women hospitalised for the disease and reduced treatment costs.

Along with spraying, education and awareness campaigns are being conducted to enable the community to appreciate the importance of the project and sustain it. More than 300 male and female youth from Geita Town have been trained in different aspects of the project, the double benefit being earning an income and acquiring expertise.

The GGM Acting Managing Director, Mr Angula Kalili, said the company would continue to invest in projects focused on uplifting the welfare of people, in sectors like water, health, education, infrastructure and the economy.

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