High risk areas to be excluded in nationwide postcode project

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RESIDENTS in flood prone areas will not be included in the ongoing nationwide addresses and postcode project, a senior government official said yesterday.

Addresses and Postcode National Taskforce Chairman, Mr Mathias Nkonya, said during awareness and capacity building training here, that despite the benefits, the population in flood prone areas will be excluded.

“Every citizen is entitled to postcode address, however, it will be risky to give addresses to those in high risk areas,” he told the ‘Sunday News’, adding that it is equally challenging in areas which are not well surveyed and planned.

He said the official identification codes, including the area zone, region, district, ward, street and house numbers is crucial to fostering development by improving service delivery especially emergency and promote trade.

The officials including Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) who are in Bahi to build capacity of council officials participating in the implementation of the project, observed that residents who are in high risk areas must be immediately relocated to safer places.

Assistant Director in the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication charged with Postcode Service, Ms Caroline Kanuti, explained that a large number of people now need addresses for their day to day activities.

“From the look of things, you can find plenty of posters at the road side directing people where they should go to access certain services … but with postcode there is no need of such posters,” she said, adding that one will only need a street name and the code.

In UK, Canada and the US where postcode has been in existence for years, it has helped in saving time and locating places.

The postcode pilot project which was introduced in eight wards each from Arusha and Dodoma has enabled the establishment of 5,000 and 7,500 new address respectively.

This is in addition to 33,930 addresses registered in Dar es Salaam’s 32 wards, Ms Kanuti said. Bahi District Commissioner (DC), Ms Elizabeth Kitundu, said the new postcode project will help improve service delivery, notably emergency service more smoothly.

“This is also necessary as we move on to online businesses,” she noted. The DC was, however, concerned at the gravity of unplanned settlement in the areas, directing all residents to seek professional opinion before building a new property.

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