‘Action needed to attain family planning goals’

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SPECIFIC action and investments are highly needed to attain national and global family planning goals.

Tanzania Communication and Development Centre (TCDC) Manager James Mlali said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that Tanzania population is largely youthful with about 63 per cent of its people under the age of 25 years. This population structure provides both prospects and challenges.

“A number of issues or topics are covered and discus sions held on the opportunities and challenges presented by the current population situation so that journalists can actively and knowledgeably report on and inform the public and various actors to enable Tanzanians benefit from its current population and prepare for a brighter future,” he said.

Statistics show that Tanzania has young generation which is most vulnerable, characterised by low contraceptive use of 13 per cent and high teenage pregnancy rate 27 per cent.

Also, apart from poor access to friendly sexual and reproductive health services it has only 30 per cent of the outlets having such services across the country.

In Tanzania, the Advance Family Planning (AFP) is working with local nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and journalists with varying skills in policy dialogue, advocacy, reproductive health and gender issues.

Project implementation is guided by a through focused advocacy activities anchored on evidence based data. The ultimate goal is to increase political and financial support for family planning in Tanzania by strengthening collaborative advocacy among local organisations and associations implementing agencies and government.

AFP’s partner, TCDC engages media houses and journalists including the social media to strengthen media advocacy for family planning. AFP is a five-year initiative that focuses on revitalising family planning programmes through increased funding and improved policy environment at all levels - local, national and global.

AFP builds on past investments and on ongoing activities in reproductive health advocacy, leadership development, knowledge generation and innova tive service delivery projects.

The project’s thrust is to contribute towards strengthening investments in family planning as a way towards attaining national and global goals in the context of family planning.

AFP’s media advocacy is aimed at amplifying efforts towards an improved policy and funding environment and an enhanced universal access to voluntary family planning n approach that seeks to strengthen the engagement of local champions

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