TAMWA condemns violence against children

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IN celebrating the African Child Day, Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) in collaboration with religious leaders has condemned acts of violence and discrimination to children.

TAMWA together with the religious leaders raised their voices yesterday in Dar es Salaam when they met to mark the African Child Day celebrated every 16th of June, with the main Agenda being “to accelerate protection, empowerment and equal opportunity for all children.”

Different religious leaders participated, including Sheikh Shomari Mchongoma from BAKWATA, who said there must be a way to overcome and resist violence against children, adding that there is no religion that supports violence or discrimination to children in any society.

Sheikh Mchongoma added that holy books indicate that the life of any person is important without considering his or her race or tribe.

“We must put all our efforts with other religious leaders, parents and the media in highlighting proper parenting and upbringing of our children’s behaviour,” he said.

The African Child Day, said CCT Representative, Mr Lucas Singili, should make us put more efforts without considering boundaries in the society. He said that the earlier belief that educating the girl child is wrong should be ignored and allow all of them to get proper education so that they can become beneficial to the country.

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