Minister urges NHC to come up with cheaper houses in Dodoma

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LANDS, Housing and Human Settlements Development Minister, Mr William Lukuvi, has directed the National Housing Corporation (NHC) to focus on constructing lowcost houses to accommodate the increasing demand for modern facilities in Dodoma.

“The houses must be affordable to all citizens,” Mr Lukuvi said shortly after visiting Low-cost houses at Iyumbu area in the outskirt of the municipality, the project of Vicoba Groups Union of Tanzania (VIGUTA).

According to the minister, most real estate developers were rushing to construct expensive apartments, therefore sidelining the large population who cannot afford to buy them.

“The government has al ready relocated to Dodoma, which means more people will be demanding for better housing but at an affordable rate,” he said.

He directed the corporation Regional Manager, Mr Joseph John, to develop a better strategy to implement the plan that he said would facilitate a smooth relocation of the government administrative capital to Dodoma.

In response, Mr John said “NHC is currently implementing a major project involving the construction of 300 new houses. The project commenced in December, last year.”

In addition, the manager said the corporation had secured about 236 acres of land and after the construction of the 300 houses, they plan to embark on the construction of an additional 300 structures.

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