CCM hails JPM in mineral saga

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THE ruling CCM has thrown its weight behind President John Magufuli’s bold move to protect the country’s resources, hinting that all its cadres proven to have taken part in the bogus mining deals will be squarely dealt with.

“We are waiting for interrogation results as per President’s directives. Implicated members have to be punished in accordance with the party’s leadership principles and ethics,” the Party’s Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Mr Humphrey Polepole, said yesterday in Dar es Salaam.

He called on the general public to support the president’s efforts, saying that protection of natural resources should remain every Tanzanian’s role. According to him, what President Magufuli did was implementation of CCM’s manifesto.

He added that section ‘A’ states the perfect system to control all mineral activities so as all Tanzanians can benefit from their natural resources. He added that, section 35 ‘K’ of the manifesto insists on making sure that there is no mineral theft or smuggling, something that had also been implemented by the President.

He went on to say that Tanzania is one of the countries to be commended for fighting against misuse of natural resources and that many African countries, particularly DR Congo have failed in such kind of war.

On the other side, the CCM boss expressed the party’s satisfaction with the steps taken by the implicated Barrick Gold Mining Company whose Executive Chairman, Mr John Thornton, came to Tanzania to settle the dispute.

“The coming of the company’s boss has served as a lesson for those who have been issuing threats saying that Tanzania might be sued and its properties/resources confiscated when it would dare doing anything contrary to investors’ wishes,” he said.

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