Former CAG hails axing of academic crooks, ghost workers

FORMER Controller and Auditor General (CAG), Mr Ludovic Utouh

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FORMER Controller and Auditor General (CAG), Mr Ludovic Utouh has commended the government for dismissing civil servants with fake certificates and removal of phantom workers.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Mr Utouh said that he had severally advised the government, during his term, to flash ghost workers and fake academic certificates holders out of the government’s payroll, but all was in vain.

“I commend the fifth government under President John Magufuli for taking the initiative to get rid of ghost workers and those with no genuine certificates,” he noted.

He said that failure to implement the initiative early, has however led to loss of billions of government funds that could have been directed to public development projects.

He said that poor implementation of the recommendations of the CAG was the main problem towards initiating the plan of axing the fake workers. “For example, last year, there were 76 recommendations made about local government, where only three were implemented,” he said.

Currently, Executive Director of WAJIBU Institute of Public Accountability, Mr Utouh said this during a oneday meeting of development stakeholders on analyzing the CAG 2015/16 Report.

He said the constitution and basing on the law of the country, the CAG is obligated to advise the government and thus it was vital to ensure the recommendations are implemented.

The Executive Director of Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) Mr Francis Kiwanga said the meeting was aimed at enabling ‘wananchi’ to understand the CAG report towards ensuring good governance and accountability in the government.

“Our role as development stakeholders is to ensure governance, an agenda that we now see as a successfully implemented in the country,” he said.

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